Why is Creative Commons Important?

Using Creative Commons is essential when integrating someone else’s work into your own. When using a picture or a video or a passage from a book, it is difficult to give credit to the initial creator and people often forget that they even have to. With Creative Commons media though, using another person’s work pretty much automatically gives them credit as they are allowing you to use it. Since the media is already on Creative Commons, the author is already allowing you to use it and perhaps modify it to how you want to, losing the confusion of if one is allowed to do this without getting sued. Many people also illegally download media and sometimes alter it without even knowing what they are doing; after a while the initial author’s creation gets lost in a sea of modified works, making it very difficult and perhaps impossible to figure out who the initial author or creator is. Creative Commons attempts to make sure that this does not happen, since the author’s original work is always there, unaltered.

Creative Commons is not only an important tool to use as a random user; it can also be extremely useful to a blogger attempting to reach out to a larger audience. Incorporating someone’s work into your blog is beneficial for obvious, previously stated reasons: it gives the initial creator credit for his or her work and it makes sure that the blog’s author is not plagiarizing and in danger of being sued. As a creator though, Creative Commons can have a much more beneficial effect on the blog. There have been cases of movie producers and authors posting their pieces online for the rest of the Internet to view, free of charge, and these people have seen a surge in views and/or profits since doing so. A blog may not gain the author any profits, but using Creative Commons for a blog can boost the readership of it. Putting the blog on Creative Commons and allowing other’s to view the blog and possibly even use parts of the blog for their own use give the blogger a greater variety of readers and ultimately, this is the goal for any blogger.

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