Use of Creative Commons

The use of creative commons may seem a little silly being that we are a generation that just goggles everything and sort of just copy and paste, and we see nothing wrong with it because its easily accessible. But when you think about how useful creative commons can be in a situation where legal issues arise, it becomes a life saver. As a blogger one may use creative commons to make sure the content on their blog is legally safe to use as their own and it adds depth and awareness to the blogging community.  As a blogger in a community where thousands have blogs and take the time out to take their own creative picture or create their own videos its best if another blogger gives someone in the same community credit for their work. As a creator one is able to get their work recognized by thousands and even get traffic to their blog because of the credit given to them by users of their work. But as user this creative commons idea becomes a little tricky because what if the issue of not being able to find the source of the work  or what if pictures that are protected by creative commons do not interest you?

Thus, this idea of creative commons is a great thing legally because it allows those who create to be protected but I think that people will still continue to use images from easily accessible sites such as Google because that’s what they are used to and that’s where there’s a greater variety and one is sure to find whatever they are looking for


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