The Importance of Creative Commons

The internet is a huge place, the worst part being that enforcing rules is extremely hard. The second something is taken down, whether it be a picture, video, etc., it is most likely put back up again. Copyrighted material is just very difficult to handle on the internet. That’s why Creative Commons is such a brilliant ideas. The old saying goes, “If you can’t beat them, join them.” CC takes the annoyance out of illegally taking copyrighted material by making it legal to go and use the media freely while also giving credit to the source. Creative Commons takes the fuzzy legal issues on the internet and tries to clear them up. It’s an effective system that makes the internet a much friendlier place. I always see content on youtube getting taken down because of a copyright issue. Those videos should watchable by everyone, but it still gets taken down because of legal issues. Creative Commons fixes this issue by making it legal, as long as the source is accredited. I believe that it really opens up the creative potential of the internet by making content less restrictive. This is very useful for blogs because a blog is essentially a form of media that borrows from many other types of media. A blog can incorporate pictures and video that might be copyrighted. Should the owner of that property find their work illegally published on a blog, there could be serious legal consequences. Creative Commons avoids this entirely by giving users the power to do what they please while also giving the owner credit for their work. A blogger who uses CC benefits from the fact that their name/blog is getting around since people have to accredit the source. It’s basically free publicity that will increase the popularity of the blog.

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