Demystifying small business blogging

Newman, Daniel “Demystifying small business blogging” Huffington Post August 20, 2013, Media, Sept. 26, 2013 <>

The article “Demystifying small business blogging” really stresses the importance of creating a blog for a small business.  It talks about how companies see using new media as a must have to not get left out.  However, just creating a blog just to have one doesn’t have the results they would be looking for.  Having a blog and never updating, posting, or sharing information gets no results.  Companies give up on a blog if it doesn’t show immediate progress for the business.  In order to create a successful blog to help a business, the blog needs full commitment with constant updates and posts.  The article goes on giving 5 important tips to help demystify a small business blog.

This is a useful source because it shows a new perspective on why blogs for a business might not succeed.  Compared to my last source “blogging to build your business” it may be more useful.  It goes in more detail on important steps to actually help your blog succeed and other reasons why it might not.  This source might be a little biased since the author of the article is a CEO of a business so it comes from running a business.  The goal of the source is to help influence small businesses to start blogging for their business.

This helps me shape my argument by adding in why might a business succeed without a blog or even with a blog.  It gives me a whole new argument that I can address.


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