Creative Commons Media

Why is it important to use Creative Commons media? How might a blogger take advantage of creative commons as both a user and a creator?

It is important to use Creative Commons media since it protects the images of the creators. I think that it is important in terms of money-making operations. If someone else was making profit from your creation, I believe that there is a problem there that needs to be fixed. With that being said, I have to say that I personally don’t approve of use of Creative Commons due to the restriction on certain images. Since I am restricted to these, my access to more and better images are highly limited. Since the use of creative commons copyrighting is unknown to the majority of people, most of them don’t bother to use it. Because of this, the variety of images at my disposal are much less than if I just used Google images. Perhaps if everyone started to use it and it became the standard, I could correctly cite my media but as it is now, it is just too difficult to do so. This applies especially to my blog where all my images portray sarcasm, satire, and internet memes. Since the search field is narrower it is much harder to find images that portray these ideas.

There are definitely advantages of using Creative Commons copyrighting for the creators. Like previously stated, it protects the creators’ rights to stop others from using the media to make profit. Besides that, it also increases the creator’s exposure and publicity. When someone else uses the image, other people can see it and easily recognize who created it. In terms of the bloggers, I can’t really see too many advantages. I guess that it is morally right to fully cite the creator. Also with the copyright, there is less likely a chance that the creator will force you to remove the picture ( though I highly doubt the creator will be scouring the internet looking for instances where his or her picture was used).

Overall, I believe that creative commons, while a useful tool, is not something I would use frequently. It is just too difficult to find the images I need since it is so unheard of and therefore has such a narrow search field. I also believe that as long as the user isn’t using the borrowed image to make money it should be okay. At that point, there are only advantageous effects for the creator from others using the image primarily increased publicity.

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