Creative commons and why you should use it

Creative Commons is a pretty neat thing that should definitely be used if you want to stay completely out of trouble with THE LAW. Creative Commons is a great tool for finding images, videos, sounds that you can insert into your blog without fear of having internet police coming to bother you. Although the abundance of media on the internet makes it difficult for them to find everyone who is using media illegally, it is always better to be safe than sorry. The search engine on the Creative Commons site provides plenty of material for you to use to enhance your blog. Therefore it is not necessary to use sources that you are not allowed to use. I have gotten too many parking tickets to take any risky chances in life. In addition to avoiding trouble, it is also just part of being a good person. How would you feel if your hard work was attributed to someone else or people failed to give you recognition despite using your stuff?

In addition as a media creator, Creative Commons can be a great asset in spreading your work over the internet. It also allows you to choose how you want to share your work, and how it is used. That way, allow your work to be spread on the internet on your own terms. So if you are particularly sensitive about your work being defaced or altered, you can prevent that. You can also stop people from profiting off of your work if they do not even give you credit.


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