Sharing is Caring

It is very important to use and obey the rules of creative commons.  If no one obeyed the rules of creative commons, artists everywhere would be afraid to place any of their creations on the web.  And that would be terrible because then artists couldn’t get exposure to their work, and people on the web (like bloggers, or any other web) couldn’t make use of the media.

Artists should use the more lax rules of creative commons, rather than saying no one can use their work.  While of course then they are protecting themselves from theft or unwanted use, it is surprising how good it can be for an artist just to get exposure!  Also, it is really helpful for bloggers to use media in their posts to create more interesting posts, and allow readers to find out about other sites, graphics, etc. that pertain to their interests.

For example: You have created a drawing of a fox.  A blog about foxes thinks your drawing is cute – so under the creative commons you have for your art, the blogger posts your picture.  Now, everyone that reads the blog knows about your picture and your art!  People may ask you more about your art, want you draw something custom for them, etc.  Maybe a company notices your art and wants to use it on a logo, or a t shirt. Under creative commons, they contact you, get your permission, and you’re making money off your art!


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