Creative Commons

When people search for media online, millions of people steal creative property from others without a second thought.  When people spread media online, no one ever knows where it first came from.  An innovative way to help stop this from occurring is using creative commons.  Creative commons lets the creator feel safe spreading their work around without having it plagiarized.   Creative commons media is a useful tool to let owners communicate and authorize what a user is allowed to use.  Not only that, but the important part is receiving the credit that they deserve.  When searching for media over the internet, it’s hard to tell whether you are able to legally use the material.  Creative commons has a search engine that helps find media you are legally allowed to use.  The creators on creative commons are able to set specific regulations on their work.  For example, there are special copyright signs such as letting a user share, remix, alter, or even sell the materials they create.  When users post work from creative commons, it allows greater exposure for the creator.  So if someone likes their work, they can go to and see other material they created.  It’s the first step to help create a legal and safe way to use and stream media over the internet.  However, in order for people to start using creative commons more frequently, it needs further support from users and creators.  In class only a few people knew what creative commons was before it was introduced to us.  A solution to this would be having the users and creators broadcast creative commons as a collaborative effort to create a moral internet.


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