Business Blog Source: Internal

Kolari, Pranam & Finin, Tim & Lyons, Kelly & Yesha, Yelena & Yesha, Yaacov & Perelgut, Stephen & Hawkins, Jen. UMBC, 2006. Accessed Sept 24th, 2013. Web.  < >.

This is a very scientific, rather wordy article about internal blogs in business.  They simply take research about what is going on with business blogs today.  Useful information may be in section 3.1 Growth and Attrition of Users, which talks about how the blogging in general is certainly becoming bigger and bigger.  Also 3.3 Links from posts, there are statistics about where most links on business blogs lead.  4.4 Crossing Geographical Boundaries has information about how blogs are useful in gathering readers from other places than the origin of the blog.  While my paper will focus mostly on external blogs, this information will still be useful for looking at the internal side of things.


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