Anotated Bib 2

Vaishnav, Anand. “Print vs digital: A new kind of journalist has arrived.” The Times of India. March 13, 2013. September 26, 2013.

This article discusses the ways in which journalists have altered their writing techniques to fit the likes of the Internet. It emphasises the idea that there is a different audience online than on print. Online, people are searching, skimming, viewing trending topics, and sharing.To journalists, this means that their articles need to be easily searched which requires a type of writing that will attract the online “skimmer.” Journalists are more crunched for time to get their story on the web because trending topics are constantly changing. Essentially, journalists that write on the web are more concerned with creating a user friendly, online environment through their writing than they are with literary  satisfaction. Traditional, print journalists are more concerned with writing articles that will engage the reader in a deeper form of thinking. These articles are much longer but as emphasied, they serve  a different audience.

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