Annotated Bibliography 2

Kirsten Purcell, Lee Rainie, Alan Heaps, etc. Pew Internet. Pew Research Center. November 1, 2012. Digital. September 24, 2013. <;, <;

This is a summary of a study the Pew Research Center conducted about attention spans for teenagers. The researchers found that while teachers overwhelmingly agreed that the digital age has allowed students to access a wider range of information, teachers also overwhelmingly agree that it can also have a negative effect on the students. More than 3/4 teachers strongly agree that students now expect to find information much more quickly and easier. This source is extremely useful for me. Pew conducted an in-depth research project on this topic and found much useful information by questioning teachers about their views on this topic. Teachers, after all, are with the students for about 7-8 hours a day for half a year, and they of all people should know how the students react to the online world in school. This summary is far from biased and it simply attempts to show and closely examine the data the researchers collected. These findings will help me to further show that our attention spans are getting shorter, and it may not be a great thing.

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