Annotated Bib

Chapman, Cameron. “A Brief History of Blogging”. March 14, 2011. . 2010-2013


In this article the writer gives a brief break down of the history of blogging and describes how the field of blogging has a future that’s bright. In the article the author describes how the first blog was but at first it wasn’t called a blog and it was based off of one’s experience exploring the internet. And it evolved slowly when a blogger took the initiative to blog about a hurricane which technically made his title journalists. It also mentions a key point of blogs and its original name as weblog, which was later shortened. But the part in the article that stood out to me was the mention of the shift, where people became more interested in reading blogs than newspapers which ultimately aided in the decline of printing press. But overall this article is a great piece to use to strengthen my argument of blogging versus journalism and how blogging is a growing field of writing that is an extension of journalism but in no way beneath it.


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