Annotated Bib. 2

Liedtke, Michael. “Activists and bloggers fear Twitter censorship”. The Arizona Republic. 26 Sept. 2013. Web. 26 Sept. 2013.

This article is focusing on the recent announcement early in 2013 by Twitter, stating that it is allowing censorship on a country- by- country basis. In other words, Twitter (a company that was well regarded as an avid free-speech promoter) is agreeing to allow censorship if the government wants it. Specifically, posts can be removed by the government without problem, even though it may still be visible in other parts of the world. Twitter states that the reasoning for this new policy is that it wants to officially enter other countries to do business and to do that they have to appease the government by following their laws. This action by the Twitter company is worrying to many Twitter users as well as bloggers. They believe that slowly but surely, free- speech on the internet is being restricted and that Twitter is “selling them out”. Currently this issue worries people mostly from China, the Middle East, and Latin America. The main reason for this is that these regions have countries that have volatile governments. Now due to this new policy, these people run the risk of being arrested since it is now a matter of the government deciding whether or not the posts can be displayed. Although this new policy does not directly affect bloggers it is easy to see where their concerns stem from. They believe that the slippery slope that has caused traditional journalism to decline will affect internet journalism which has been hugely unregulated in comparison.


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