Creative Commons

With everyone posting and reposting in the matter of minutes today, there is a little knowledge of where original images come from and more importantly if they are able to be used at all. However, Creative Commons allows us to get images, videos, files, and music that is encouraged to use legally.  Overall, Creative Commons is a great tool because it gives new artists an ability to post their work where ever, as long as they give credit to the original creator.

For bloggers especially, the use of Creative Commons is key because it allows us to post other peoples work throughout our blog without fear of copyright issues.  However, when we blog we could also create a new image or statement that other people may want to use.   Therefore, bloggers may want to be creators, and post their content on Creative Commons so that other people could use it and then maybe in return someone will stumble over a bloggers work and want to follow the blog.

Overall, Creative Commons is just a great way to get the word out about work that you may have made or about work that you think it cool that others have made.  It is just unfortunate that not many people know about Creative Commons and that instead of worrying about crediting others people have become so used to simply Googling something and using what ever shows up, and not even bothering to give credit to anyone.

Because the internet is so accessible, it is often hard to even remember that we cannot use everything we find on the internet for what ever project we may have.  More people should become aware of this, and open their eyes to Creative Commons.

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