Creative Commons Sharing Media Online

Creative Commons media is a useful tool a person can use to responsibly for putting content on their blog. Creative Commons allows artists to share their content online, and let others use their work with a certain set of conditions.  A blogger can take advantage of creative commons as both a user and creator in the fact that they can share their work with others and allow them to use it, If you share your content with others they might be inclined to purchase your content at a later time, and you can receive credit for their work. Creative Commons licenses material responsibly for you to use, and without an outside group, organization, or creator becoming upset over the illegal use of their material, even if it was an unintentional theft. Creative Commons also has a non-commercial sharing option that restricts the material you can find from internet that has a non-commercial use option.

The internet allowed the use of information and media to get out of hand with the uploading and re-copying of material that was not owned by the poster. Creative Commons offers a responsible and legal option for those wishing not to take some else’s work by accident, and gives you more legitamacy as a media uploader.


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