Why is Creative Commons Good?

Sometimes people like to share pictures and videos to their friends on the Internet. The problem with this is that the people that share this tend to forget to give the creator any credit and sometimes they do not even know who the creator is. Creative Commons media allows people who want to share media to do it in a legal and appropriate manner. Although the Internet is a free zone it does have rules. There are copyright rules that should be followed and if these rules are not followed the person sharing it may deal with consequences. Creative Commons tells people what pictures are able to be used and how restricted they are. Some pictures people are allowed to change or sell pictures. Anything on this website lets you search safe pictures. It may seem like as a blogger your being restricted but that is not the case. Bloggers can take full advantage of this tool by promoting the subject they are writing about. An example is that some bloggers write stories and they post this up and allow others to share their story. This way the blogger and their work would be distributed faster and they would be recognized among a larger crowd. Bloggers are able to promote their work a lot more through this site and this also prevents others from taking the credit away from the original creator. Users also benefit from using Creative Commons. They are able to see the topics that they like from the original creators.

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