Creative Commons in the Blogosphere

It’s important to use Creative Commons in blogging so an artist can get credit for their work used in others blogs. If they are a new artist, they may be using Creative Commons to get their name out to the public. We have to put ourselves into the artists position and realize that we also would want to be credited for any work that we might create.  If bloggers don’t credit the artist for a particular work in their blog, others may think it is the bloggers own work.  Bloggers should always offer credible information in their posts, which would also include proper credit for any art used.

Bloggers can take advantage of using Creative Commons to help enhance the look and feel of their blog. They can add pictures, art and music to add atmosphere and dimension to the blog.   Adding any of these elements to a blog’s text can keep it from being one dimensional. Readers want to see more than just words in a post.  Adding artistic elements keeps things from being boring.

As creators, bloggers also want to make sure that any original work they post on their blog gets credited back to them when used out in the public domain.  If they post original artwork or an original recipe, they more than likely would like it to be shared. Creative Commons helps them receive the credit that is due to them for their original work.


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