Creative Commons: The creative living room of the Web

The Internet was made to help people when they need to share information quickly and now it has evolved to help share across far distances, distances where another form of sharing is just inconvenient. This tiny idea spark has led to the World Wide Web. Unfortunately, this amazing invention had a lot of unexpected consequences, one of them being that people often abuse the sharing power on the Internet. Most people are probably under the assumption “if it’s on the Internet, I can use it how I please” but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Once something like music, or art is created it automatically has copyrights associated with it so a lot of the images that people assume are up for grasp actually belong to someone who could potentially sue you for using it.

Creative commons is a place when people can share media via the Internet without fearing serious consequences. When something is made available to the public by Creative Commons, that contributor grants certain permissions to anyone on the Internet. As long as the user respects the contributor’s wishes, they are not violating any copyrights and they have nothing to fear. To an average citizen of the Internet this may not seem like a big deal but a tool like this is infinitely valuable to a blogger. When a blogger finds the content they post on their blog through Creative Commons they can be sure that they won’t be sued. This is important because most bloggers share their identity on their blogs, which would make copyright infringements easy to track.

There are also benefits for a blogger as a contributor. When they decide to share some original work via creative commons they can require that they be credited every time the work is reused which is a great way to generate traffic to their blog.

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