creative commons


It is honestly annoying if someone takes your idea and broadcasts it as their own. You put your dedication and time into your work, and someone takes it. This is why you need a license via the Creative Commons so that your work gets its proper credit and your name gets acknowledged and known. Creative Commons makes sure that your work gets attributed.

It is so important to use media from the Creative Commons search site because it allows users everywhere to use different media based on the license. One does not have to feel guilty or uneasy when using a photo on their site that is not originally theirs. No artists or photographers will track one down and demanding that their original work gets deleted on ones site. As long as one does not go against the license and its restrictions, all is fine. It’s important to use media via the C.C. so that everyone gets their proper share of acknowledgement.

If one is great at drawing or great at taking pictures, and one wants to show the world their amazing work, they should upload it onto a website with a Creative Commons license. By uploading it with a license, one can restrict who takes the original work and what they can do with it. Some people might be devious and use an original work and sell it or say they are the original creators without crediting the producer. Some people do not properly give credit to the original artist, and it is unfair. They should stop and be more courteous when using images and other forms of media that are not theirs!

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