Creative Commons ✓

Why is it important to use Creative Commons media? How might a blogger take advantage of creative commons as both a user and a creator?

Creative Commons gives users the chance to legally use other people’s works for their own benefit, whether it is commercially or non commercially. This allows proper use of the internet and ensures that the creator of the work gets credit for their creation, which is good and something not many people do. This is a good idea because sharing the media in the correct way can help the author become more well-known, and thereby making it easier for them to sell their work when they finally want it.  Some authors of their work upload parts of their work to creative commons, so people can share, remix, and spread it around but the author still maintains ownership of the work as a whole and can still make some money from it. This is great for bloggers because they have the opportunity to safely and correctly use free media on their blogs to generate interest not only in the site but also visual interest while browsing. As a creator, a blogger can ensure that their work gets proper credit and is able to be shared across the internet.

The Creative Commons website lists out all the types of licenses one can enable for their work, which allows a varied amount of freedom for the people using the images. People can use the work, giving attributes to the creator and change it however they want to use it and make money off of it, known as the Attribute license. Another way is by giving credit to the author, but not changing it in any way, known as no derivatives. Also authors can chose to share their image as long as the users do not make any money off of it, known as the non-commercial option.  Also there is another option where any work created based on the original work should have the same license carried over to the newly created, though different, piece.

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