Copyrights Done Right: Advantages of Creative Commons

Using creative commons media allows you to legally share media that you don’t own. When searching for different forms of media on the web you don’t always know what you can and can’t share and even though people share it anyway sometimes it’s not what the owner of the media wants. When you search creative commons for media it filters out the media that you can use automatically, you just have to make sure you give credit to the original owner.

As a blogger I’ve already taken advantage of creative commons. After it was presented in class I started to add on all my different blogs a little image provided by creative commons that lets the visitors on my blog know how I want my work to be shared. This makes me much more comfortable knowing that my work won’t be modified, used for profit,  and will be credited to me. Additionally when creating blogs I can find media that I am allowed to use and credit them properly. I feel that this makes my blog much more professional and hopeful will attract more users to visit my blog.

As a user seeing people adhering to creative commons licenses is also beneficial. If I like an image they used on their blog I can find the original author and possibly find more of their work. This also allows to me know how I am allowed to share other people’s works as well. I will be able to know for sure whether or not I can modify or use something for profit through these licenses.


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