The Role of Technology in Blogging

One does not necessarily need to be an Internet wiz to successfully blog. The most important aspect of a blog is the context—the writing. Adding design and media that can be added to a page is simple and instructions are easily accessible, considering the Internet is literally right at our fingertips.

However, one can absolutely enhance a blog if he/she has an advanced experience with technology. There are different and complex forms of coding that can add something unique to a blog. In addition, heavy Internet use—in my opinion—is a form of technological experience. Users can learn a lot just from browsing the World Wide Web and can draw inspiration from advanced platforms and blogs.

On another note, as technology advances, bloggers can make adjustments to meet these changes. For example, smart phones have become a big part of our society. In turn, bloggers can adjust their blog to be smart-phone-friendly to make their page more accessible to readers. Being well-versed in the latest technology is helpful because it allows a blogger to take the view point of the reader and make a blog more exciting, new, and impressive—after all, standing out in the blogosphere is essential is one plans to make an impact.


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