Technology vs. blogging

A blogger isn’t just successful because their writing content is able to satisfy reader’s expectations.  A blogger’s success is a combination of their writing and the way they incorporate technology into their blogs.  The first thing a reader notices when they arrive to a blog is the atmosphere and design of the blog, not the writing.  Without that special feature that grabs a reader’s attention, their interest in the blog is reduced and a bloggers writing can seem boring to read.  A blogger who isn’t technological capable can only create a generic blog that thousands of others have done.

In the modern age technology advances is a key aspect to companies succeeding in the business world.  A greater knowledge in technology helps broaden the possibilities a company is able to achieve.  Using technology for companies isn’t much different than using it for blogs on the internet.  Using technology is a way for bloggers to create a distinct and unique blog that no one else can compare to.  By staying up to date with current technology, a blogger is able to stay modern and creative with their blogs.  A blogger is able to use technology to advertise the blog, create a user friendly layout, and an artistic design.  Without the correct execution of advertisement, blogs will never be able to gain enough supporters to be successful even if it possesses every quality of one.  Blogs need to be advertised a certain way over the internet by knowing where and how to promote on other sites.  Only a person with an experienced technological background is able to produce those kinds of results.  Creating a user friendly blog is as much art as advertising one.  With a deep understanding of technology a blogger is able to custom create a blog site.  For example, by using HTML and Java script coding a blogger is able to create special features that free simple blogs don’t offer.  A blogger is able to set up a blog exactly how they intended which highlights originality.  Another useful feature of technology is the ability to create unique and artistic designs.  Using software such as Photoshop a blogger is able to create a creative blog appearance that’s eye catching and interesting.   Ultimately, a blogger is able to raise their level of blogging based on their personal knowledge of technology.

Even if a person isn’t very experienced in a background of technology, their blog still has a chance of exceeding.  The great thing about technology is that it can be taught to anyone.  It’s an available source to anyone who’s willing to take the time to learn.  Using useful tools such as YouTube tutorials and Google, all bloggers are able to blog on a higher level than before.  Technology is here to support bloggers, blogs are being constantly improved.  Tools such as are useful resource that supports bloggers who aren’t handy with technology so they can create their very own sites.  RSS readers are able to create an easy tool so readers are able to keep up with the blogs they like.  Without technology the blogging age would be a non-existent  culture.


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