Blogging vs. Journalsim Annotated Bib.

Friedman, Jacob. “Blogging vs. Journalism: the Ongoing Debate”. August 18,2010 Dyn, Net DNA, Webtype. 2001-2013

In this article the author compiles arguments from people who have different views on the discussion of blogging and journalism. He makes it clear that the argument isn’t based on who is better in terms of writing or reporting but, the argument is based on defining what a blogger is and if a blogger can consider themselves a journalist even though they report based off of opinion and not fact. Some of the key arguments he highlights are the fact the blogging can’t be considered journalism because of the fundamental elements of early journalism that were about going out getting from behind the computer to get a story. The article also highlights another’s argument that blogging is a platform for journalist and that journalism is aided by the creation of blogging and that the line between the two is blurred for a reason. The Arthur makes it a point to stay neutral and add the argument that it shouldn’t be a competition between the two because it’s not based on the source of the information is simply based on the quality of the content.


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