Blogging to build a business

Emerson, F., Melinda. “Blogging to Build Your Business”NY Times, 22 June 2012, Web, 20 Sept. 2013 <;

This article went over the main ideas of how to blog to build your business.  The concept isn’t all about content, but the marketing platform to build a social media presence.  Michael Hyatt wrote the book “Platform: Get noticed in a Noisy World” which is a guide to blogging and marketing.  Two major important things to help gain more readers is time invested into blogging and a support for the blog by sharing other people’s content.  Blogs take a while to gain credibility and reputation, it’s a slow process that is inevitable.  The rest of the article goes on by giving tips on how to write a blog for a business.

This source is useful in explaining ways to run a successful business blog and it shows how hard it is to gain readers for a blog.  This source is very reliable since it’s a NY times article which has a great reputation.  The author is objective in the article since she had an open mind on Michael Hyatt’s book.

This was a pretty helpful source since it showed how difficult it was to market a business blog.  The only problem was the article didn’t go into depth which might make it hard to pull information from it.  However, it does shape my article a bit, I’m including a section in my essay about business blogging tips and why marketing is so important.

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