Blogging Libel

Springer, Dan. N.p.. Web. 19 Sep 2013. <;.


Article Title: A 2.5$ Million Libel Judgment Brings the Question: Are Bloggers Journalists?

Summarize:  This article posted on Fox News website showed the major gray area that bloggers are facing today.  Since so many people are blogging, the question of whether a blogger has the same rights as a journalist is being raised.  The Fox article followed the question through a specific case in which Crystal Cox (blogger) was charged $2.5 million because she blogged about Padrick without evidence that he did anything wrong.  Because there is a lack of laws to protect bloggers and give them specific guidelines, these cases are not all that uncommon.  The video that was attached to the website also raised the issue of what information from blogs can be used as real information and what information cannot.  This is another issue that has been coming up more, as the idea of websites like TMZ have been used and quoted.

Asses:  This article can be very helpful to my overall paper because it gives information on a basic case surrounding libel issue in blogging and how these issues have become large law suits over the past few years especially because of how many people blog.  The source however does not have to do specifically with people who blog about celebrities and how these blogs have created fame for them through gossiping about others.  The goal of this article was to make readers aware of an emerging issue through an actual event.  Which it did well, since the article is from a news source it is a reliable source of information for my paper.

Reflect: This story provides a good baseline for my paper. It shows the issue at hand with libel in blogging and how bloggers are responsible more for what they say then journalists because they do not have the same rights under law.  This is mainly an issue with the law not keeping up with technology.



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