Annotated Bibliography: Bloggers and Censorship

Buckley, Chris. “Crackdown on Bloggers Is Mounted by China”. The New York Times. 10 Sept. 2013. Web. 19 Sept. 2013.

This article focuses on how micro-blogging has become a major target of the Chinese government. The government is worried about how these blogs will affect public opinion since it holds the potential to be a major platform where information can be both displayed and shared. Due to “malicious rumor- mongering online”, the Chinese government has launched a propaganda campaign and have made several arrests against bloggers. There is a slight question on validity for this article since it was written by a Western liberal paper. However, more often than not, NYT is a fairly reliable news source. This article specifically relates to my thesis since they bring into question the right of bloggers. In this situation, any word slandering the government was met with punishment. This shows that the threat against blogger’s rights is very real in the world. It is my belief that bloggers, even those from China, should never be censored. I believe that they will eventually fully establish their right to opinion on all topics. The fact that the bloggers in China are congregating despite these intimidation tactics supports this claim.


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