Getting Used to Blogging

Writing a blog can be sort of like learning how to ride a bike for the first time; once you learn, you never forget. But when you are a beginner and writing your first blog, it can be very daunting. With so many options for how to set up your blog you don’t really know where to start. Even the supposedly easy choice of which blog domain to use can seem difficult since there are so many to choose from. WordPress is probably the most well-known though, so that is what one would use. I know I was (and am!) like that that. But being a successful blogger not only requires some writing skill, it also requires some technological skill and without one, the blog can be unsuccessful.

A blogger with a limited knowledge of technology will not have a lot of options when it comes to blogging. The most he or she will be able to do is the basics of what the blogging platform allows. For example, WordPress gives a blogger everything he or she needs to begin a blog: the layout, a dashboard where you can see everything and adjust if needed, and more. Novices can create a successful blog for a while, but the basic layout will get stale after a while and what readers were there may begin to thin out. This is where the technology know-how comes into play.

As the blogger becomes more technologically savvy, he or she has a growing number of options. WordPress and other blogs give the blogger the option of completely customizing the blog to however the he or she wants it. From the layout, to the fonts and pictures and everything else, all one needs to learn is how to code (which is admittedly more difficult than I am making it sound). The positive is that we are in the digital age and we have all the answers at our fingertips (literally), and all we need to do is a quick Google search. Coding in HTML is the most basic, but since blogs are simple almost by definition, it is probably the ideal way to go. Just with a few simple HTML codes, one can alter the size of the heading, the color and size of the fonts (and the font itself), create tables if necessary, and much more. With this new knowledge, a blog can be so much more successful and professional, and more readers will come with that success.

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