people want shorter articles!

Nielsen, Jakob. “Nielsen Norman Group.” Long vs. Short Articles as Content Strategy. NN/g, 12 Nov. 2007. Web. 17 Sept. 2013.

This article states that “people prefer to read short articles.” It states that people who read shorter articles, save two minutes and has 7 benefit units- the value and information they get from a website. It concludes that after an hour, people who read shorter articles have 105 benefit units per hour compared to those who read the longer articles with 100 benefit units per hour. It states that shorter articles are more focused and great to grow readership and great for advertising. It uses an example of people preferring shorter articles when looking for symptoms of an illness, compared to reading a long article that states it in the middle. Even with both a mix of short and long articles read, people still benefit more from shorter articles. Jakob Nielsen (the author) and his NN/g group was founded in 1998, and has been conducting numerous researches, trainings, and consulting, and has uploaded so many different tests and strategies, so he is definitely a source that I can rely on. They have sold books and gone on many tours.  It goes great with my thesis because I want to prove that people prefer reading shorter articles and not longer articles. I feel more sturdy with my topic now. This article is not biased at all and is very informative and neutral.

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