Level of Blogging with the Experience with Technology

Everyone isn’t great at blogging and I fall in that category of not knowing my way around a blog unless it’s just me having to read one. But, I am sure everyone knows their way around social media sites such as twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. These tools were at one point a foreign language but we learned to adjust and advance our knowledge upon how to navigate and use these social media outlets. Thus, blogging right now may seem as one of those foreign languages right now but I think if one uses their experiences with other social networks it will aid in their understanding of how to become a pro blogger.

Technology has become a tool we use for everything, it has gotten to the point of if you don’t know how to use a specific technological tool we use another form of technology to figure it out. For example, if one is having problems working a smart phone they use a computer to figure out and Google what’s going on with their device. So being that I am a person who isn’t quit skilled at creating and updating a blog, a way to learn may be for me to Google how to create a blog. Or another option may be to get others involved in this journey to finding out how to become a blogger. I could do this by including my friends on Facebook or twitter and asking for their help. It’s me using my technological skills of social media and seeking help through these channels of communication to further my knowledge of blogging while making it a collaborative effort with friends.

Another way one could use their technology skills to advance their understand of how to work a blog is by using the idea of blogging to find a blog that teaches a person step by step how to use and update a blog. Since were in the digital age people are always trying to find ways to be creative, innovative, and unique. And what better way to be creative by creating a blog that teaches other how to blog. So I am sure this blog exist and it’s only a matter of finding this blog by simply googling it. The idea of advancing ones blogging skills by using ones skills of technology is not just to gain knowledge about how to blog. It’s about one being able to rely on one particular skill of knowing their way around technology in order strengthen their knowledge about a particular field within technology that is blogging and what blogging in tells. Thus, the advancement of one’s understanding of blogging is only determined by how well they use the technological skills they have obtained over the years.

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