What is Best for you?

If a person has a lot of experience with technology they would be able to create a more detailed and complicated blog.  If a your are not to good with technology and want to improve your blogging skills then I would suggest using the resources available such as YouTube and the rest of the Internet. YouTube has many tutorials on how to set up blogs, fix any issues, help with layouts and gives further suggestions on how to improve your blogs. If you do not know how to search videos up well on YouTube then just use Google. Most people have become experts with this search engine. Anyone can just type in what they want to do on their blog and Google will provide answers. YouTube and Google will help if the person wants some help with the setting up of the blog or any suggestions on layouts.

The actual blogging can be adjusted to how the person actually uses technology.  Most people have the basic information to use the computer and make blogs but they may not have the time to sit and write on a desktop. A cell phone on the other hand always users to blog anywhere anytime. If the person uses a cell phone a lot and knows how to use apps properly then they will have no problem blogging on the go. This becomes much more convenient for bloggers and allows them to blog whenever they like.  If your not familiar with blogging apps then try to learn. It is really great tool that allows to blog when extra down time is available.

Now that we have discussed how you want to blog next is to choose a site where you would like to blog on. There are may sites that will allow to make a personal site (self-sufficient blog) which would cost some money and time. This is if you’re on the more experienced side and you have the hang of blogging and the set up. You will be able to have a little more control over the layout and the format of your site but it may be a bit challenging if you’re not familiar with the tool. If you choose to do this make yourself familiar with this process. It may sound corny but practice makes perfect. This will increase your abilities and expertise in blogging. Now if you do not want the hassle of all that then just stick to having the site your making your blog do all the work. WordPress does a great job in helping bloggers create blogs even if they are inexperienced. The process is very easy that just about anyone can do it. If you, the new blogger, feel this is for you then go for it!

Bloggers must choose what kind of blogs they want and how they want to display their blogs to the world. Some people may enjoy the easy formatting of wordpress and find it helpful but others may not. You want to make sure your style is similar to the type of blogging you do. Tumbler is a very known blogging site where it has a lot of social media influence. This is a site that is very convenient because it has an app and is very known to both bloggers and non-bloggers. If you are good with social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and hey even Myspace then Tumbler may be your choice.

Your technological abilities will influence you in choosing different formats and sites for blogging. If you are a kind of person that has a general background with technology and doesn’t want to worry about the hassle then look into sites like wordpress that does almost everything for you. If you have a general background and want to improve then do some research and learn about blogging. Use that information and play around with the tools and formats available. Doing this will enhance your technological/blogging abilities. Adjust your blog to your personal styles and preference.


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