Three Blogs I Can Learn From

My blog idea is to create a blog revolving around the sitcom friends. I have a few ideas and direction that I feel I could take the blog that would give it a fresh and interesting feel. My blog theme is very specific so it was hard to find a lot of blogs that are very similar so I had to broaden my search to include blogs that focus on other TV shows as well.

This blog is a blog dedicated to Friends. It contains mostly GIFs and pictures with captions and then a lot of post that are questions posed by readers that the author of the blog has answered. Then they’re are also a few text post that the author wrote enticing conversations on random topics and stuff like that. I do like the authors use of pictures and the large amount of feedback and communication he/she has with the audience. I notice that she has a page of her blog that just includes links to other blogs about Friends and it give a reader a sense of community and a place to go to see more of what the author offered. I don’t like the lack of actually text post. The author is really just showing scenes of the show, she’s not writing about it or making this fresh and interesting. On my blog I hope to have a variation of post, some opinions, some features, some photographs.

This blog is dedicated to Friends as well and I found it through the previous blog I discussed. This blog’s theme involves posting simple pictures that just have “a little thing” written on it. “A little Thing” is just some little detail about the show or phrase that brings something about the show to mind. I like the fact that she includes an option to submit your own little thing because it gives the reader a sense of involvement.

This Blog is dedicated to the TV show How I Met Your mother. I like this blog a lot more than the previous two blogs because it is more like what I imagine my Friends blog to be like. The author of this blog has a lot more variety in his post than the other two blogs.  He post review of episodes and predictions for the seasons. He also writes post on various topics, for example he has one post that is his opinion on music that should be featured in the show because he feels they fit the shows tone and mood.  He also invites a lot of reader feedback like the other two blogs and thats something I hope to do on my blog as well.



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