Technology improving the blogging experience

The more someone understands technology related to the internet, the more I think someone can be able to blog effectively. Design and layout are essential to a blog, and the more somebody understands how to creatively design their blog, the more intersting the blog becomes to the reader. The layout and design are factors in creating the environment for the reader, and provides the reader incentive to check out the features of the blog. Blogging in this respect, becomes more complex and opens the door for readership. And organized blogging also makes your blogging experience easier, allowing you to focus more on your content rather than on your technical abilities within the site.  Also, understanding and utilizing online services and host websites also increase the likelihood that your blog will be seen by someone. One can also be able to determine what platforms have the best advantages and tolerable disadvantages, in order to determine what platform is best suited for blog and if it will lead to interest and readership. If a blogging platform has too many ads or no self-hosting option, but good support and numerous creative themes for the layout, then the blogger can way the pros and cons of each blog against each other to find the blog that fits them.

The better understanding of technology one has, the better the experience is for the blog, and the better the content the blogger puts out will be.  Your own creative mindset is the ulitimate factor in building a blog, but techonolgy surely improves the experience and the quailty of the blog, if one has a decent understanding of it.


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