Similar Satirical Blogs

Brian Moy

3 sites:

Explosm is a blog focusing on animation, comics, and short skits. It is not like a conventional blog as there are few actually worded posts. It does not have a single focus besides the fact that it always makes fun at the topic at hand. The things that I especially like is the context since it makes constant use of sarcasm and humor and is satirical of very relatable things ie. people’s obsession with technology or parental expectation. However, a lot of the content is also very immature. In terms of layout, explosm uses a general background that is not too exciting, but it does use an easy category and archive system. I especially like how the categories are incredibly informal which to me is good since it follows the theme of the entire site.

This site is as the URL suggests is all about cynicism. I especially like how the creator of the site portrays himself as a professor teaching a 101 class and sticks with this persona throughout the layout. One example that shows this is that he calls his Archives section: Lectures. Another thing that I like is the fact that he remains anonymous but refers to himself as Dr. C (Dr. Cynicism); this also support the theme of a professor and at the same time makes it very easy for a college student like me to get into it.  Cynicism 101 makes great use of media. Even though it is mostly images, they are very funny and sarcastic which only adds to the comedic reaction about the things that Dr. C rages about. Unfortunately, the main thing I don’t like about this blog is that it updates are not too consistent.

My final site is a satire on a range of topics from religion to politics to just random nonsense.

While this site is informal, it is not as blatantly humorous as cynicism 101 or explosm. It instead uses a subtle form of comedy, something close to intentionally, poorly hidden mockery. It is this type of sarcasm that I find really interesting and witty. However, the downside is that because of this, the main point of the posts become lost in translation. Unlike explosm and cynicism 101 where the entire purpose is comedy, TTM’s posts are trying to make a point. Even though it is easy to see where the satire lies, the actual purpose of the post is sometimes vague.


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