Knowledge is Power

Group Blog, after J. C. Leyendecker

Photo by Mike Licht


How can a person adjust his/her level of blogging based on his/her experience with technology?

Starting with a hosted site like WordPress makes it easy for people unfamiliar with technology to put together a professional looking blog. With more experience, they can transform their site into a much more complicated and interesting page. Learning how to do small codes with the help of online tutorials, someone could add creative and individual touches like adding a music player, or tweaking their theme. If someone was also artistic, they could create custom headers and logos for their own blog and be able to tie the theme into all aspects of their blog. There are so many really cool layouts on truly professional blogs that require a lot of know-how to accomplish, but I believe these skills can be learned a little at a time. If someone started learning how to make the code for just adding a music player, they are slowly learning bits of code that they could maybe use again to add something else.

Speaking from a personal standpoint, I remember when I was in middle school and had a MySpace page. Everyone in my school saw it, so I wanted it to reflect me and be expressive of how cool I was (or at least how cool I thought I was…). I started out by using themes that Myspace provided, but eventually moved on to inserting codes for theme layouts I found online. Slowly I began to pick up on simple HTML codes and was able to customize areas on my own page exactly how I wanted. I added pictures, music, links, and traded information and codes with friends so we could all learn more about the site and HTML. Today, I have a blog on tumblr that I try to customize as much as possible. Because it’s not HTML, I am slowly learning, again, the correct codes for personalizing the layout and making it perfect. I’m nowhere near being able to code professionally, but learning small simple steps makes me feel like my blog is more techno-savvy than when I started out.

Similarly, just by finding small tools online, you could do some pretty cool things with your blog. I used Google Analytics on my blog, and was able to see where my readers were coming from in the world which was awesome! Also, this tool can tell you what search terms people entered to find your blog, which can be very helpful when you tag your posts. Being able to do one small task like insert the Google Analytics code into your blog (which is pretty easy because the site tells you exactly what to do) can actually give you a much more complicated and interesting result to help your site keep growing.

Another way learning more about technology can change a person’s blog is how they can maybe find more blogs similar to theirs and share posts. Some of the blogs I follow have guest writers from other blogs submit a post, and readers get the opportunity to follow a new blog if they choose. This is a cool tool for not only introducing your readers to other websites they may like, but also if you make a post on another blog, you could increase the traffic to your own blog. Being able to find blogs similar to yours and forming a network is a cool way to keep your site growing and stay relevant in the world of blogs.

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