Knowledge & Blogging

A person can adjust his or her blogging based on their experience with technology many way.   First, before an individual starts blogging they should be aware of the different blogging platforms that are out there.  They should be aware of its personalization capability, the type of readers that might go to that platform, how simple or complex it is to use the website, is accessible anywhere and also does it allow you to do what you want to achieve with your blog.  Everyone has different technology experience some people knows how to code, so they might choose a blogging platform that allows them to use css codes and really customize and play around with it. But, there is people like me that do not know much about technology and prefers a straight forward blogging tool like WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger and etc.

In addition, I believe that I person should never use only one type of blogging platform or one type of technology, because that leaves no room for growth or room for them to expand their knowledge.  This can be done by one day trying to add an image to a new post or a music. Doing different things on different posts allows one to become an expert at that platform and that is how a person can adjust and grow with their experience on technology.  In today’s world, there is no such excuse of ” I dont know how to use it”, that is what a lazy person would say. There is so many videos and tutorials and explanation in the internet that allows one to understand it better and get a hands on tutorial on any platforms.  After trying and not been comfortable use it that is another thing, but one should always try to Google for tutorials or watch some videos on Youtube about the blogging platform that you choose to use in order to grow your level of expertise.


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