Blogs like mine

I plan on making a food blog focused on Brower Dining Commons.

The author of this blog, What I’m Eating in Singapore, writes about, obviously, what he’s eating in Singapore. Although Brower is not exactly Singapore, both of our food blogs are focused on a specific place. The difference, however, is that this blog features meals from various locations and resurants in Singapore. My blog will solely consist of foods from Brower but What I’m Eating in Singapore led me to consider featuring the other Rutgers dining locations. I liked that this blog had pictures of the food, which I absoltely plan on having as well. The pictures were captioned with despcriptions of the food which I will also include along with recipes. I can infer that the blogger does not have a large following just by the tone he uses. His posts are dull and uninvolved–they lack enthusiasm. In addition, the layout and the design of the blog was bland and uninviting. Knowing how easy it is to lose interest simply because of layout, I plan to make sure that mine is pleasing and easy to navigate.

I really liked this blog. The layout was very nice and professional and there was a navigation bar that included recipes, entertainment, drinks, and more. This inspires me because I originally had not planned on having multiple sections of my blog but I think it might be easier to read if I do. I’d like my blog to feature a recipe section, an entertainment section that includes playlists I hear at Brower, a section for reviews that I give some of the meals prepared there, a section for polls, and a section for other students to share their Brower experiences. I also liked how the blog fetured the nutrition facts of the food, something that I will look into adding to my blog as well. This blog posts daily, has multiple writers, and is much more complex and advanced than what I plan on doing. I do, however, draw inspiration from in.

I really liked this blog too. My favorite part was the recipe index because it gave me easy assess through links to all of her recipes. They were organized by appetizer, breakfast, side dishes, main dishes, and more. If I have enough posts, this is something that I would like to do. This blog had a nice layout and feel to it. Her tone was happy and excited as she shared her recipes and goals in her posts. I defintely want to convey a positive tone to my readers and fellow students.


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