Blogging with Technology

There are many levels to personal blogging and these levels are often very obvious, even to someone with limited blogging experience. In my few weeks taking this course and my limited experience with blogs previous to this course I have often seen blogs where I can tell someone knows what they are doing and I have seen blogs where it looks like the author has very little technological knowledge. I am not trying to say that someone needs to be a professional programmer or needs to have had previous training in html to have a blog that looks great because that is not true. There are many different aspects of the technical world that can help you design a great blog once you know how to use them to your advantage.


If you have previous html knowledge then you’re really in a great place to start. You can use that know how to easily make your blog match your vision. Either you can start from scratch, if you’re brave, or you can use a platform like and then edit the html they’ve already provided you with. This will allow you to personalized certain details that will give your blog that just above average look.


Not having prior knowledge of html doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. Practically all blog hosting websites have tools for the average user, if they didn’t they’d really be limiting the amount of potential users for their site. So, if you aren’t about to buy a book on html to improve your blog you can just watch the tutorials provided by your platform and frequent the support sites. Once you become a master of your platform you will be able to make a blog just as impressive, if not more, than someone with html experience. I’m sure you’ll even learn how to do basic edits to htmls, you don’t have a full understanding of the technological part to use it.

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