Blogging to your technology level

In order to blog at max capacity, a person should know just how familiar they are with the technology they are using. By first making a mental note of the tools they know how to use, they can optimize their posts with media and links or even which blogging platform they choose.  If I lacked the knowledge to edit html, I might choose a more simple hosted platform like wordpress or blogger. These platforms are user-friendly and come set-up with a number of themes that can be added with just the click of a button. However, if I were more savvy with html, I might choose to host my own blog and use my knowledge to set up a layout that is attractive and is conducive to my blog focus. You can also edit the html to add music players or videos playing on the side to your blog. Using html, you can customize these additions to your blog the way that you feel best fits. However, if you lack the know-how to do this, you might consider using similar tools available on blogging platforms. For example, wordpress has widgets that allows you to add free additions to your blog without he hassle of setting them up yourself. While these might not be as tailored as the ones you can add yourself, they are much easier to use for people who lack the technical experience.

When it comes to posts, strictly using plain text can get boring and repetitive for the reader. Depending on your level of technical knowledge you can make your posts more visually appealing to readers.  If a reader came to a blog devoid of everything but text, they might be turned away without even reading the content because the sheer volume of words just looks tedious. Sometimes it takes a picture to really evoke the message you are trying to portray in your post. Images can also be an easy way to add a punchline to your joke.  Sometimes you want to link to outside sites in your blog. It might be easier to copy and paste urls into the blog post. However, if you are feeling particularly daring, you might insert a link into your post without having to post the full url.  e.g versus this

As a person blogs, it might be a good idea to always push your boundaries(this applies to everything in life). You might be feeling risky or edgy one day and try adding something you normally wouldn’t add to a post. It could also be a good idea to look for feedback from the comments to see if what you did was effective or even if you did it wrong; commenters might give you advice on how to do it correctly.  As your technology skill grows, hopefully so will the quality and content of your blog.


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