(Blog Is Life) My Favorite Blogs Pros and Cons

Sitting high at the top of my list as one of favorite blogs is none other than Hip Hop Gossip Site by Vivian billings. She keeps her blog updated and fresh with new gossip and topics. I love that she stays true to the hip hop community and allows artist that aren’t mainstream to receive recognition on her blog. And, I also love that she has a distinct voice as a blogger that sets her apart from other bloggers who discuss the same topics. But I don’t like the fact that on her blog there is a lot of things going on and its way to busy, as a reader I come to get the information and she has a lot of unnecessary content on her blogs such as suggestions that she thinks you might want to view that are weeks old. Also, I don’t like that the wallpaper of her blog is very busy and is a distraction and has been up for like a year now.

Moving on to the second tier of the blogs that I absolutely love. It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t mention the Queen of all media Miss Necole Bitchie . Her blog is the go to blog when you want the exclusive interviews with celebrities who are the talk of the town. Her blog has gain a lot of popularity and because of that her content is always current and 99% of the time true. I think that her blog is so neat and easy to navigate because her tabs are clearly marked and allow the reader to go straight to the topics they wish to view whether its interviews, fashion, or gossip. Some of the things I don’t like about the blog is that when it comes to the layout of her post it seems as if she tries to get so much on one page it becomes over whelming to read. Lastly, she doesn’t frequently update her fashion section often and since its fashion and its something that’s constantly changing every minute she should update it especially for those who come to her blog only for fashion tips and advice.

The third blog that has a piece of my heart is The YBF its a site that is heavily influenced by Hip Hop and Pop culture and focuses on young black and famous people. The site has great content and is easy to navigate because everything is neat and the reader is over whelmed by a huge amount of ads. The headlines of each story is in bold bright letters and the different colors of purples displayed on the sight makes it appealing to the readers eye. But a few things I would like to see changed is the way the stories are placed together on one page. Once the reader clicks the “Read More Button” the reader is taken to a post but it turns out to be two post on the same page which becomes confusing. Also, The information about the blog and how to get in contact with the blogger isn’t easy to fid because its all the way at the bottom of the page.



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