Adjusting blogging level based on experience.

Blogging, like anything becomes easier with practice.  Overall, a person can adjust their level of blogging and become “better bloggers” once they know how to properly use the technology.  For example, helps new bloggers by giving us formats and different layouts that basically sets up a blog for the blogger.  However, people who are more advanced in technology and are familiar with coding would most likely get annoyed with a pre-made account and would want to use a more personal blogging account where they can decide more specific details about their blog.  These people can use  which allows bloggers to determine more about their blog layout.

For those people who do not wish to go through the process of making an entire blog with, has some pre-made layouts which still allow bloggers to customize through different wallpapers, headers, and color/font schemes.

The more experience that someone gets to blogging, the easier that blogging will become and then bloggers are able to make the level of their blog easier.  Technology allows us to do so much, and it is more of a trial and error process that will fully allow a blogger to adjust his or her level of blogging.

I also think it is important for a blogger to know their audience.  Knowing who is reading your blog will help your level of blogging because it will allow you to create a blog and pages on your blog that will directly appeal to your readers.  By creating a blog that is reader specific, a blogger is able to up the level of their blog.

Technology also allows bloggers to put up specific links, tags, and photos in their blog posts that will make their blog more interesting and therefore make the level of blogging better.  Many people do not realize how much a appeal is added to a post by something as simple as a photo.

Iphones, Ipads, and other tablets allow bloggers to be connected to their blog at all times.  These technologies give an advantage to all bloggers who want to stay in constant contact with their readers.  WordPress has an app that allows bloggers to get notifications when their blog has been commented on, and also allows them to post on the go.  These forms of technology are simple enough for anyone to use and therefore have allowed bloggers to up their level of blogging rather easily.

Technology gives bloggers the ability to make their blog any level they want to.  If someone does not know how to code or do something on a blog, they can easily look it up on Youtube or Google.  Based on this, a bloggers level is not fully dependent o their knowledge of technology, but more so dependent on their desire to blog and their time and energy that they dedicate to their blogs.  Technology has given everyone equal opportunities to create a high level of blogging, it is just dependent on how willing bloggers are to use the technology given to them.



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