The Magic Bullet and I

I plan on creating a blog about the blender called ” Magic Bullet”



This blog is very cool because it is so simple, yet very informative.  I assume this website has a lot of viewers and followers since the URL its so easy to remember. In addition, once you type magic bullet recipes it is one of the first blogs to show as a Google search.   This website is very good because it has many featured posts that are very informative in terms of recipes, info graphics and pictures.  Her recipe are very diverse and does not only focus in one aspect of food such as juicing, dessert or dinner.  Another likeable feature in this blog is the fact that it has tremendous amount of images. Images help readers see what the final outcome of their recipe should look like and it allows one to like the posts with their “eyes”.  In other words, if the image I am looking at of the food looks tasty I will cook it or make it, otherwise I will skip to the next recipe.  Finally, this website has many giveaway contests which is another form to attract and intrigue followers.  This is a great tactic for followers and it gives readers many opportunes to win something simply by visiting and following their blog posts.

One thing that I dislike about this website is that it does not get updated on daily basis. It does not have a regular schedule of when a featured post is going to be posted and it is not constant. Sometimes there is a a big gap between posts.  I also feel that this blog could have done a better job when it comes to their layout! The colors are very boring and do not attract my attention to it, except the pictures that are posted.




Same passion, but totally different platform from the above blog. This blog is very down to earth and very simple and quick to use. This is must go to site if you want to have a very quick recipe that doesn’t require a lot of work or ingredients.  This website is geared towards are more young crowd, since the recipes are very sugary, quick to do and not expensive. The creators and authors of the blog are college students.   One thing I like about this blog is the fact that it has pictures and the concept that the recipers are very quick and easy to do. It does not require me to have prior knowledge of any type of cooking; One thing I dislike about this blog is that it is not professional, mainly due to some images that are not relevant to the “Magic Bullet”. The layout of the blog is pretty standard, but clean and nice.




The third blog is a very well written blog that has many advantages to use it. First, the pictures of the blog are great and very clear.  The whole blog is very professional and it it’s a great place to start if one never used their magic bullet yet. The writing is very simple and easy to read. The coolest part about the posts is the fact that is has a calorie count, which allows for those that are watching their weight can restrict to their calorie count. One of the biggest advantages I would say about this blog is the fact that is doesn’t have pictures of the process in case the reader has some doubts about what to do.  I also believe that the layout and interface


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