My 3 Blogs

The first blog I’m commenting on is called Dinner:  A Love Story.  I love the title, it describes how those who love to cook good food for their family feel about the process.  I like that this blog is real life, the bloggers(husband & wife) tell it like it is.  They try to get a good meal on the table every night but it doesn’t always happen, & that is real life.  They give us the low down of introducing new foods to their family & how things work out when their kids make a meal.  Those of us reading realize there are other families out there like us.  This couple are also very much into books, cookbooks and kid’s books in particular.  They will often devote a post to a book review which I always like.  They post almost every weekday & sometimes on the weekends.  What I do not like about this blog is how the cookbook the wife has written is often promoted.  I know that is often why these people have blogs but I personally am not interested in hearing about it so much.

The next blog is The Pioneer Woman. I love the variety of recipes Ree Drummond posts.  She makes everything sound delicious.  This blog has new posts almost everyday.  I like the tone in which she posts, it is casual, like she is talking to her friends.  What I do not like about this blogger is she also promotes books, her TV show & her soon to open deli.  It’s a bit much!  While I do like the blog, it often seems like she has to many topics to blog about.  I go to it for the food, but she blogs about homeschooling, construction of her new deli and office, gardening, TV shows she likes, etc.  You can navigate easily to all the different categories but it’s a lot of stuff to be talking about.  Would prefer her to focus on maybe 2-3 categories.

My last blog to comment on is Super Healthy Kids.  What I like about this blog is it is written by 3 moms who are all nutritionists.  Their theme is “making fruits & vegetables simple, fun & delicious”.  They focus on fresh ingredients, trying to stay away from processed foods.  They not only give great recipes & food prep ideas, but they post topics on how to feed picky eaters & how to get kids to eat more fruit & veggies.  While this blog does have a lot of topics discussed they are all food & health related & it is easy to navigate to all the topics.  While I do not mind at all bloggers talking about their families & what they are doing, I think getting into a discussion about their religion is not what I am coming to a food blog for.  Unless I want to go directly to a religious blog.  And I am a religious person.  But I don’t want to hear about it while I’m reading a blog that is about food.  This blog has religious comments in some of their posts.  Not often, but still, I’m just not really interested in reading about it.  This blog also offers meal plans.  But in order to access the meal plans you have to become a member, which means you have to pay.  I suppose this is how they are making some money, but it seems kind of cheesy to offer this on a blog.


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