Mini Tips… from a college kid

I will start a blog that has mini tips created by me, a college kid. I feel as if I can relate to almost every college kid and not just one specific group of people.

Advice from a Twenty Something

Not just an ordinary blog… it combines everything that relates to a 20 something year old lady! Fashion, nail ideas, makeup tips, decorative aspects, etc. Amanda really knows how to give tips in a funny yet serious manner. Her blog design consists of pastel/spring colors which are not hurtful to look at. It is simple yet beautiful. Easy to search for tips. Easy to navigate. Easy to follow!

She has her own voice, and it seems as if she’s in-person, talking to you. She uploads pictures to accompany her tips. Which is great. She links fashion posts to different clothing websites.

There is no archive, which isn’t bad but might be useful! Other than that, I’m in love with this blog!


Not focused towards fashion, but more focused on technology and the business world. These tips are great for computer challenged folks and interesting to read. Lifehacker has many tips and is constantly updated. It never lags in the news world either. Simple yet so neat! So easy to navigate as well. Definitely an interesting blog that has a sense of humor. Simple layout. I wish it could have been a bit fancier. It is easy to read though.

Dumb Little Man

Sort of a discouraging link, no? The boring layout follows along. It isn’t constantly updated, and it lacks a sense of humor and style. There are so many popup ads, too!

It does however, help bring one up in spirits. It gives nice advice for stress or low confidence. This site offers advice on which phone to purchase to simple workouts. I wish it was easy to navigate through this site. I wish the blog was more organized with their display. It lacks color, but is a pretty awesome blog. The tone is of an Elderly who has experience in many fields: health, business, education, etc. There is so many tips you can discover on this site. Thankfully, there are pictures to help bring this site to life!

All these blogs are original and successful!


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