Jap Music Shtuff

I want to focus my blog on the type of Japanese music that I like to listen to. These are some blogs that I found useful.


Clear and Refreshing: This is a blog that posts about indie/underground Japanese bands. I really like this blog because it doesn’t just post a music video for the readers to watch with maybe a paragraph synopsis below it. The blogger actually goes in depth about the band and music. I plan on doing that in my blog, but I also want to include pictures and gifs to keep the readers engaged. Just having a music video is usually pretty boring. I personally start looking at other web pages while the song plays in the background. Adding some visual stimuli would capture the reader’s attention and keep them on the page longer.

2. http://jrockexplosion.net/

J-Rock Explosion: This is a blog that features all types of Japanese Rock music. What I really liked about the blog was the large variety of music posted every week. One post could be about a math rock band’s new single, and the next one could be a feature on a screamo band. I want to keep my blog refreshing with a variety of genres. Of course, it would be tailored to my own tastes, but it’s boring listening to the same type of music all the time. The reader would especially get bored. Music blogs should be about discovery. If the same thing is being played all the time, what’s the point of visiting the site more than once? The blog has some issues, such as having too much content. It sounds a little silly, but if I find a blog post that has well over an hour’s worth of listening and reading involved, there is a problem. I would probably keep it to one song per blog post instead of 5 or 6.

3. http://www.reddit.com/r/japanesemusic

Japanese Music Subreddit: I kind of cheated on this one (since it’s a subreddit), but I visit this url almost every single day. It has an incredibly varied selection of music that anyone can come and post/comment on. While there is no large block of text that follows each video, the comment section almost always has a comment or two that links to even more music. It’s just this cycle that ends up consuming hours of my time looking online. I want to be able to create a similar effect in my blog. I want people to read it and go, “Hey, this sounds a lot like dklsfsflkslkfd.” It feels great when you can talk to a stranger about something you’re passionate about without even knowing them personally. Music is one of the few things that can actually accomplish that. As for the things that I dislike about the subreddit, I find that the activity level can be pretty low at times. Also, the subreddit is just filled with videos instead of text to go along with it. This can be fixed pretty easily in my blog if I just focus at one song at a time.

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