Fitness Blogging

Fitness and Health is a huge part of my life, so I’m doing a blog about how to stay fit as a college student through my personal experiences.

Nerd Fitness

Nerd Fitness is a creative and retro blog designed to help anyone who is ready to make a better change in their life by eating right and working out.  It’s run by a college graduate who is sharing fitness workouts that he has personally gone through.  This blog has a nerdy video gaming theme setting it apart from most fitness blogs.  The blogger has a funny and motivational style of writing, which makes it intriguing and fun to read.  An aspect that I really like about the blog is how he puts up motivational stories and interviews about people who have gone through his program.  However, I don’t like how he doesn’t give out much fitness workouts unless you buy his books.

Barefoot Colorado

Barefoot Colorado is a blog that is closely related to my blog which is why I chose this blog.  It’s run by a young college student who posts about her life at college and how she finds time to workout in her busy days.  What I really like about the blog is that she gives off an honest life experience which includes all the bad habits she does.  However, she is true to her life of fitness and gets right back to working out.  Another great aspect to the blog is connected to many different social networks on the top such as Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, etc.  The only problem I have with this blog is that it has a girly theme which only appeals to young women in college.

College Dieting

College Dieting is a fitness blog that is dedicated to college students fighting weight problems.  The great aspect about this blog is that it has many motivational quotes and pictures which really wants you to get up and start exercising.  However, it’s not an ideal fitness blog to read, the blogger only posts every so often and usually re-blogs other bloggers which isn’t very original.   There aren’t that many personal blog posts that readers are able to read.  The theme is very bland and typical and doesn’t have much originality.


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