Political blogs to make you laugh, and what you can learn from them


I love politics, and I can’t get enough of political satire. The objective for my blog will be political satire, but with a focus for my home state of Ohio. Here are some political and news blogs that I like and will serve as a guide for my blog:

The Onion. Many people read The Onion for satirical news on almost anything. I find the website easy to navigate, but all of the stories are piled on top of each other, making the site a little overwhelming. At the top of the page there are categorized tabs for politics, world news, sports, business, science & tech, etc. Also, it depends on what you find funny. Most of the content is news and politics oriented, so those that aren’t interested or don’t follow political or news coverage may not get the jokes. The site gears toward younger readers for interest, something I want to do on my blog to get people politically active. There is not much color or thematic creativity on the site, something I think is good to generate interest in a blog.

The Capitol Steps is a simple satirical politics blog that is updated once a week. What sets this blog apart from others is that the administrators take the lead story of the week and make a song out of it (for example, this weeks song is Putin on a Blitz). A large banner welcomes you to site, showing the blog’s recent content and tagline (“We put the mock in Democracy!”). The site is only updated once a week, so people wanting a little more have to wait or go to another blog. This site has more color and creativity than The Onion, but still not enough to really keep a someone who causually searches, on the blog.

Finally, The People’s Cube is a more extensive satirical political blog, with many posts on various topics. There is a lot of content to satisfy a reader. The site has good themes and color to make it visually appealing. The one problem with the blog is that there are additional links to other blogs, and doesn’t explain what those blogs are. The site might be overwhelming for someone who just wants a quick read, and might get lost amongst the content. The authors take on the personas of radical communists, which differs from other political blogs.

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