News blogs

philip-defranco[1]The Philip Defranco blog

The first blog that I am presenting is actually one of my favorite people to watch on youtube and it is the Philip Defranco blog. This blog template is black and he has a symbol for his blog which is a picture of a monkey (his logo). He doesn’t necessary write blogs instead makes videos on daily topics such as politics, any world wide news, celebrity gossip you name it! He presents the news in a comdeic manner which is what I am trying to do. As I state previously I will be writting about outrageous current events not  so much making videos.

Reddit Blog

reddit-logoReddit is a great site where people can go and search up any topic they would like. The have different categories of topics so the reader can filter out the content they do not want to read. Redit has a lot of extreme and crazy news they post up. The layout for this blog is pretty plain as well; they have a white template with a logo as well. The only thing I would do differently is restrict the amount of information. I would only post things related to crazy and unordinary news.


sourcefed_in_orbit_by_nullpersona-d51ksrwThis is also a youtube video and is founded by Philip Defranco himself. This blog also has videos just as phil does but it is a bit different. Phil posts one video each day suming up a few current events. Source fed talks about one current event in each video and posts at lead five videos each day. Depending on the topic they usually add their own personality and some comedy into their videos. This really makes viewers enjoy learning about the news. As I said for phil’s blog I will not be doing videos but written post but my appraoch in how I set it up will be simliar. I also plan to have each post talking about one specific event instead of breifly going over a few.


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