Sing Me To Sleep…On A Blog

There is a blog that I am following called Indie Music. I like this blog because it posts up really frequently and it ha a lot of bands and music that I have never heard of before. I love the fact that they post the videos of the songs that they are talking about and put their opinion on it. They give a little background info on the artist too. These are all things that I want to do on my blog. The one thing that I don’t like is that it is not in english so to read this blog I have to translate it.

There is this alternative music blog that I follow called Alternative music Project. I can read this blog because it is in spanish. They post every once in a while but not as often as the Indie Blog. They have really good alternative music reviews with bands to watch out for like Vampire Weekend and a couple other bands that I have not heard of. Even thought this blog is in spanish they talk about a lot of music in english. They also post bands that are in other languages. I don’t really like that so I wont do that. I thin they should just stick to one language because I am not sure who they want their audience to be.

The last blog that I follow that is related to my personal blog is Screamo-Post-Hardcore. I like this blog because it shows the new releases of the artists and bands that fall under this category. This blog actually is in english.  I like the fact that they show the pictures of the albums but I hate that they don’t post a review.


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