Gaming / Baking Blogs

The Gamers Fridge

This blog showcases food from video games, made in real life!  I really like the concept and I love the huge variety of games she has chosen to take food from.  The layout is a little sloppy looking, but actually very easy to understand and navigate.  My only complaint would be that while she does update frequently, I believe she sometimes sacrifices quality of a dish in order to get a post out on time.  I enjoy her tone and her take on the food, as well as how she interacts with her readers.

The Geeky Girl

The blog is just that – everything about being a geeky girl! My favorites here (and something I’d like to do on my blog) is her “how to play Skyrim like a girl” post.  For example, “spend at 30 minutes adjusting the look of your character.”  Or, how she loves the new expansion for Skyrim because it makes the game “more like Harvest Moon.”   I love her posts and find them to be hilarious, even if stereotypical.  Her tone is great, I really enjoy it.  The layout makes sense and posts are easy to get to.  Honestly, I think her blog is “dead” – she doesn’t post anymore.  However, I can still hope, I do enjoy re-reading her old posts.

Conjured WoW Bites

This blog features food from the video game World of Warcraft.  The food here is done well, and always within the theme.  She also blogs some about WoW in general, not just food.  While the website style is a bit out of date, it is neat and clean.  Her theme is very consistent and she sticks to it!  She has a lot about her in game character as well, which makes her really seem like a gamer, and is just interesting to hear about.


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